Frequently Asked Questions

Will my membership fee be refunded?
No. It has been used to fund prior and current expenses incurred by the non-profit society.

Will funeral providers honour my membership?
Yes. The society's providers are expected to honour your membership and offer their services at a discount. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that your family member or estate representative offers the provider proof of your membership and requests the member's discount.

Will the society's records fee be charged at my death?
No. The society's records fee was charged by the funeral provider and submitted to the society to support the society's on-going services. That fee will no longer be collected.
Note: If, as a society member, you contracted and pre-paid your funeral expenses, then your estate representative should request a refund of any pre-paid society records fee that was included in that contract.

Can I still get a copy of the society's arrangement form?
Yes. Download and print the two page form "Making Plans".
Fill it out and save it with your important papers.
If possible, leave a copy with your family or a close friend and another with your estate executor.

What happens to my membership if I move to another city in B.C.?
Membership is honoured by the society's contracted funeral home providers throughout B.C.

What happens if I move to another province?
There are similar societies in most provinces throughout Canada. Most societies will transfer memberships without any fees.