Notice to Reader

Please be advised that, effective November 1, 2022, People’s Memorial Society of B.C. and the Vancouver Island Memorial Society stopped accepting new requests for membership in either society. Furthermore, if any member of either society was deceased on or after that same date, the society did not levy a records fee charge to that member or to that member's estate.

Our Final Goodbye

The Vancouver Island Memorial Society was formed in 1991. After the success on the island, People's Memorial Society of B.C. was formed in 1993 to service the remainder of British Columbia. Together, the two societies helped their members throughout the province access simple cremation or funeral services at a lower cost.

As you know, every non‑profit society has its mission and sets its goals accordingly. After more than 30 years we are proud to say that ours have been achieved. Today the funeral industry is very competitive and the costs of "End of Life" arrangements are now far more affordable, simply by shopping around to various funeral homes.

As President, and on behalf of our Board of Directors, I wish to thank you for your ongoing support in helping us reach our goal. I also wish to thank the board members for their efforts on your behalf, first for establishing the societies and then for nurturing each through to today's eventual conclusion.

While the societies wind down, this website will remain active for as long as funds allow so that our members can learn of our departure. Regretfully, our volunteer staff will no longer be available to offer assistance.

Society members are advised that your family will continue to benefit from the cost reductions previously negotiated with the society's funeral providers. Please instruct your family members, friends or estate representatives to advise your funeral home provider that you are a society member and therefore eligible for services at reduced cost. And remember that proof of membership may be required.

I offer my heartfelt thanks to all members of both societies.

Petter Lam, President