What We Do For You

  1. We negotiate with over 30 contracted funeral homes throughout BC to provide simple cremation or funeral services at a lower cost.
  2. We assist your family at their time of need.
  3. We provide a Planning Form to guide your family and the funeral director at the time of death or earlier if you prefer pre‑arrangement and pre‑payment of funeral services.
  4. We protect your privacy by placing you, not the Society, in charge of your Planning Form.
    Note: We do not retain the form in our office or on our computers.
  5. We use volunteer office staff to limit the Society's operating costs.
  6. We are a non‑profit society whose funds are dedicated to promoting the Society and delivering benefits to you, our members.

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What You Need To Do

  1. Depending on where you live in BC, join either
    the Vancouver Island Memorial Society or the People's Memorial Society of B.C.
    You can join by phone or on-line or by mail.
  2. Download, print and fill out our Planning Form.
    (see Making Plans on "Our Services" page.)
  3. Keep a copy of your completed Planning Form with your personal papers.
  4. Advise your family or executor to call the Society's office at the time of death.
    He or she can then deliver your Planning Form to the contracted funeral home.
  5. Finally, act as an ambassador for the Society.
    Ask your family members, parents, friends and co‑workers to join the Society today.


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